Monday, January 1, 2007

Egg dishes index

The great indexing project! Because I can't think of any other better way to do this...I'm listing all of the recipes in a given chapter and linking them to the post where I cook it. I would ADORE if you would comment on the index, especially if you can comment on TJOC recipes (in the respective chapter) that you have made and your thoughts on it :)

If you found this page on Google because you were searching for a specific recipe that isn't linked, make sure to search for it. I'm usually several months behind updating the indexes.

Egg dishes:
Number of recipes: 61
Number of recipes made:
Sept 2008: 3 or 4.9%
December 2008: 5 or 8.2%
March 2009: 6 or 9.8%
May 2009: 7 or 11.4% (broke that 10%)
Oct 09: 8 or 13.1%
Mid-Jan 10: 8 or 13.1%
Mid-Jan 11: 12 or 19.7%
Mid-May 11: 15 or 24.6%

Soft-boiled eggs
Hard-boiled eggs
Coddled eggs
Creamed eggs au gratin
Curried eggs
Creamed eggs with asparagus tips cockaigne
Deviled or stuffed eggs
Pop's deviled eggs
Scotch eggs
Fried eggs
Eggs in a basket
Huevos rancheros
Poached eggs
Poached eggs mornay
Eggs florentine
Eggs benedict
Poached eggs blackstone
Eggs poached in red wine (eggs en meurette)
Eggs with smoked salmon
Scrambled eggs I
Scrambled eggs II
Scotch woodcock
Matzo brei
Baked eggs I
Baked eggs II
Baked eggs III
Eggs baked in a muffin tin I
Eggs baked in a muffin tin II
Eggs in a nest
French omelet (rolled or folded)
Firm omelet
Spanish omelet
Egg white omelet
Artichoke frittata for a crowd
Hangtown fry
Western or Denver omelet
Potato omelet (tortilla espanola)
Souffled omelet
Jam-filled souffled omelet
Grand Marnier souffled omelet
Apple-filled souffled omelet
Savory cheese-and-herb filled souffled omelet
Cheese souffle cockaigne
Ham and cheese souffle
Blue cheese-parmesan souffle
Spinach souffle
Mushroom souffle
Broccoli or cauliflower souffle
Carrot souffle
Corn souffle
Goat cheese and walnut souffle
Sweet potato souffle
Crab or tuna souffle
Basic timbale custard
Spinach, broccoli, or cauliflower timbales
Mushroom timbales
Asparagus timbales
Roasted garlic flan
Natural dye
Food coloring dye

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