Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eggs in a Basket (p. 196)

Continuing along in my quest to make quick meals from TJOC, I decided to stick with the egg chapter and made Eggs in a Basket (p. 196)

This is another simple recipe (which, in turn, means a short and simple blog).

First, cut holes out of a couple pieces of sandwich bread. I used a glass, which worked well, but a biscuit or cookie cutter would also work really well. Keep the holes!

Melt some butter in a skillet and cook the bread for a little bit.

Then crack an egg into each hole. I had good luck with one egg, less luck with the other egg (stupid broken yolk!).

When the eggs begin to set, flip the bread.

Cook for a while and there you have it! TJOC says that kids really enjoy these and I'm sure that's true. Josh thought they were quite tasty and they were easy. They would be cute if you used a star or some other shape to cut the hole (you could even theme them--hearts for Valentine's Day and so on).

What about the holes? TJOC recommends toasting them in the skillet and serving them as well. Might as well not let anything go to waste! And I do love butter...

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  1. I always made these for my daughter when she was young. We call them "Sunny Eggs" :)


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