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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions!

**If you have a question you would like to know the answer to, email me at thejoyofthejoyofcooking (at) hotmail (dot) com***

So how much weight have you gained since starting?
None! My personal opinion is that since the food in Joy is so filling (full fat, etc) that you don't eat TONS of it. It also makes great leftovers which means NO fast food!

I bet this has been really expensive, right?
No, the food in Joy is pretty simple. Once you start cooking a lot of recipes out of it, the same ingredients are used over and over, so it's not very expensive. And more cooking=less eating out=less expensive.

I think I read your blog but then I seem to miss entries. What's up?
I date the blogs when I actually made the food. Sometimes it's a couple of weeks ago--so the blogs show up as old but are actually new. It's not a problem in most blog readers! I also have a bad habit of writing several blogs at once, so if you only read the most recent blog, you might miss others.

Do you have contests?
I do and I hope to have more!

I am fully intending on stealing your pictures for my blog/presentation/whatever. Is that okay?
No. It's fine if you credit my website for the picture. If you don't, it's wrong.

I heard you went to Japan. Did you blog about it?
Heck yeah, I blogged about it! Look under keyword "Japan".

When do you think you'll finish all the recipes?
About fifty years from now. I'll probably be cooking the final Joy recipes for my grandchildren.

What edition of TJOC are you using?
I'm using the 2006 edition. I truly hope to finish this before the publish the next version!

What do you consider "vegetarian" versus "vegan"?
I go the ova-lacto route when I think of vegetarian--no meat (red or otherwise) or fish but eggs and milk products are okay. Vegan means no animal products.


  1. I don't know if this is a frequently asked question, but what version do you use? I have heard this cookbook recommended before and so I bought one at a thrift store hoping it would be more from scratch as it was an older version. But I ended up hating this copy!!

  2. Great question! I'll add it above but I am cooking from the "new" edition--published in 2006. I'm trying to get it done before the publish a "newer" edition (I'm estimating in 2012 or so).

    What edition did you buy?

  3. I love your blog! I had thought about cooking my way through the Joy of Cooking too but the task seemed way too daunting, so I'm glad I can watch you do it instead!! :-)

  4. I am curious if anyone else has noticed that the 75th anniversary edition has some striking differences to the original New Joy of Cooking , where they first brought in the professional chefs . I bought that one for my dad when I was pretty young and he never picked it up . I got bored started reading it and that was the beginning of the end . My family used that book till it fell apart . I want a new one .

  5. Hi,

    I just found your blog through a re-tweet. WOW! Congratulations! What an undertaking!

    As you know I review cookbooks for a newspaper column. My readers vote on which cookbooks and recipes I feature. They selected "The Joy of Cooking!" for my March 16th column. The vote is open right now (until March 6th, 2011)for the top recipes from JOC from a list of 10 found on my fb chef page and blog.
    I would love it if your readers would vote for their favorite, but I would love it even more if you would vote for one and make a comment on my chef page link!/note.php?note_id=190430104323061&id=187387317960673

    And by the way, have you cooked any of the 10 that are on the voting list?
    I would like to write a blog entry on you.

    Also do you have a twitter account? What are your favorite hashtags if you do?

    My blog is

  6. This is fun. The Joy is my family's family cookbook. I've owned three copies and all of them are well worn. My latest is the 2002 version, but I started with my own in 1987. I wish they would publish it as an e-book - but so far I don't see that it is available. :-(
    One of my favorite recipes is the pate sucre, or pie crust. I Woolf love to see you try the apple pie recipe for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ive posted a few times today, I like to make things in parts. Over several days. I would recommend to make the crust dough the day before and put it in the freezer. taste the dough, too to be sure that it is the right amount of salty sweet for your taste.
    For the lattice top I like to position it out on a cookie sheet put it in the freezer
    until it's solid and then place it on top of the pie.
    I've been making cakes and pies from TJOC for a while now. It can be challenging. I hope you'll give it a try.


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