My bucket list

My bucket list!  I think it's a good idea to write out all the things I hope to do before I die.  I would like this list to have 50 items so I will have to keep working on it.  Do any of you have bucket lists?  What is on them? Newly added in 2014 will have a *.

This page is totally inspired by my friend Ash

Publish a book
Publish a scientific article
Cook every recipe in The Joy of Cooking
Own a pair of really, really expensive shoes
Attend the Olympics
Open a business
Train and compete with a dog in agility
Dye my hair a totally different color
Refinish a piece of furniture
Attend ComicCon (I've actually done this twice now and it's so much fun!)
Attend DragonCon
Swim with dolphins
*Go to Malice (I love mystery novels)
*Go to a major horse race
*Attend a presidential inaugural ball of some sort
*Run a 5K without humiliating myself
*Sign up for an adult pointe class (and actually go to it)
*Have season tickets to the ballet or something similar

Go to a castle in Europe
Go to a castle in Asia
Go to Italy and eat tiramisu
Visit Tokyo and Kyoto
See the Northern Lights
See the Great Wall of China
Go to Gretna Green in Scotland (I've read too many romance novels not to want to do this)
Go on safari (and see a zebra!)
Attend the Fforde Fiesta in Swindon, England
Go to a black sand beach
Rent a ski cabin with friends
Ride in one of those pods in the mountains (what are those called?)
Go to an ice hotel!
Go to the garlic festival in California
Visit the Winchester Mansion
*Visit the lower 48
*And then knock out the final 2--I'm separating these 2!
*Now that I'm learning German, go to Germany and try it out!

Take a cake decorating class
Host a dinner party
Win a cooking competition (at any level)
Take a knife skills class
Eat at a Michelin 3-star restaurant
Enter a food item in a state fair
*Eat at the Washingtonian Top 100 Restaurants