Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deviled or stuffed eggs (p. 195)

My mom had a food day at work and asked if I wanted to make anything for her to bring to it. I thought that Deviled or stuffed eggs (p. 195) would be perfect. Everybody (except me) loves deviled eggs!

The recipe is funny. You prepare and peel hard boiled eggs, then you cut them in half. You then crush the yolks and moisten them with one of many choices (vinaigrette, mayo, heavy cream, sour cream, butter with vinegar and sugar, lemon juice, or pickle juice--I used mayo but I was very interested in the pickle juice [has anyone tried this?]) and season it with anything from either of two additional long lists of ingredients (I used dry mustard, salt, and paprika), and pipe the mixture into egg white. So, in my opinion, this is barely a recipe, but more a giant list of options. I went very simple but you could get much more exotic.

So simple and so popular. Mom said they were gone almost as soon as she set them down. This recipe is a classic.

I use a plastic bag with the end cut off to pipe the yolks, which looks so much better than when I attempt to use a spoon to fill the whites. How do you fill the egg whites?

Random facts:
  • Deviled eggs are also called "eggs mimosa" (Wikipedia), which I love

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