Friday, October 5, 2007

Firm Omelet (p.201)

On Thursday, I decided to use the stuff we had in our pantry to make dinner. That being said, I really wanted to knock out another recipe from TJOC. So what to do...

I decided to make the firm omelet (p. 201) with ham and cheese. Why did I decide to start with this omelet?

1. I have never actually managed to produce an omelet that looked like an omelet. My omelets always look like scrambled eggs with stuff in it.

2. I am terrified of the French Omelets that precede the firm omelet--those are the fancy rolled ones that I'm fairly sure I can't make.

3. I conveniently have cheese and ham in my refrigerator and really like ham and cheese omelets.

So...I nervously started cooking. I mixed the eggs and cream (TJOC--always healthy!), and poured it in the buttered pan... looks okay. Big sigh of relief. It seems that the trick to omelets, which might seem obvious to everyone else but I never knew, is that you have to cook it for quite a while on low heat. This way the bottom doesn't burn but the top cooks through. And it's smart to make it in one of these saute pans that you can ssslllliiidddeee the omelet right out of instead of the straight sided saute pans that you have to lift the omelet out of.

So what happened?

It worked! It looked (and tasted) like an omelet should! Hooray!

And it is a HUGE omelet. 4 eggs--plenty of food for a dinner.

So are the rest of you competent at omelets?


  1. Congrats on your omelet. It looks really good. Maybe I can pick up some tips from you!

  2. Yumm! It looks really good. I love omelets but have never made one like that - I think now I might try though

  3. That Josh guy looks like he knows what hes doing. I do enjoy reading about your/our adventures.


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