Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sweet Crepes (p. 679), Crepe Cake (p. 651), and Pancakes (p. 644)

You would think that I would want to cook a lot this weekend because it was rainy and gross. But I didn't. Why not?

1. It's rainy and gross and I find it hard to be motivated when the weather is dreary (I suppose I should never live in the Pacific Northwest!).

2. I had a hella lot of work to get done this weekend, both for school and housework.

3. Josh and I are, umm....way over budget in groceries this month so I wanted to hold off a bit.

4. Our refrigerator is jammed with uneaten leftovers.

That being said, there has been minimal cooking in the last few days. Although I did post, but you probably didn't see it--it was actually earlier than my last post, so I backdated it. So go check it out!

Sweet Crepes (p. 679) and Crepe Cake (p. 651). The sweet crepes were awesome, although I think deep down the savory crepes were better. Really, the get easier each bunch you do. Have any of you tried to make them yet? I really think everyone should try. The crepe cake is really interesting. To make it, you make a crepe, spread jam on it, put another crepe on, spread more jam, keep layering. Then you put it in the oven--and if you are far more exciting then me--you flambe it! How exciting!

Make crepes, spread jam...
The finished product:
A crepe cake is really something that would be incredibly impressive for a dinner party. Esp. if you light it on fire. It was simple and can sit for up to 8 hours, so you wouldn't have to be in the kitchen while everyone else was eating. Since you can vary the jam or jelly you use (I used black raspberry from Trader Joe's), it could feel like you were making dozens of different cakes.
A slice of crepe cake.
This will be the last you see of crepes or blintzes for a while. Josh is incredibly sick of them! I don't understand why, I think they are awesome!

Now, on a completely different note, Pancakes (p. 644). Josh was shocked that I have never made pancakes from scratch before, but I hadn't. I think you'd be better off making these from scratch then from a box--they were super easy and there can't be that many more ingredients just starting from scratch.

Josh made fun of my pancakes because they had pockets of flour, but the recipe says very clearly not to mix it very much. They were very tasty!

The mix--the recipe says that lumps don't matter:
The pancakes love each other--maybe they will make little pancakes!

A huge pile of pancakes--

EDIT! I am happy to say, the blame for the ugly pancakes can be laid at the door of the TJOC editors. The edit page shows that although the recipe calls for 1.75 TABLEspoons baking powder, it should ACTUALLY say 1.75 TEAspoons baking powder. Make sure to make the change to your version of TJOC!

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  1. I love the TJOC oatmeal pancakes, in the 1974 edition, but not in the recent version. I make (and eat) oatmeal for breakfast (not instant variety). If/when I have leftovers, I use for the recipe. And I add frozen fruit (Radar Farms berries from Costco) in the batter before grilling.


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