Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cauliflower and Potato Curry (p. 267)

Where have my comments gone? I think people are still reading because they mention items from my blog but they aren't commenting--I want more!

Sorry that I haven't been blogging so much recently--but I haven't been cooking! I was sick at the end of last week (didn't feel like working!!) and my blowout trip to Kansas City is coming on Thursday--awesome awesome awesome! When I get back I'm going to do some serious cooking.

So what did I cook yesterday? Aloo Gobi--or as white bread TJOC says, Cauliflower and Potato Curry (p. 267). Pretty easy to make. Chop some stuff up, brown it. Chop more stuff up, brown it. Add broth and coconut milk. Cook it down. Pretty easy! This recipe could easily be vegan (although mine wasn't).

Again, it's white bread, so it doesn't have NEAR enough curry in it. Even so, it was awesome and Josh said it was great the next day--plus it was easy!

I'm always so nervous cooking Indian food but DAMN--both dishes I've made so far have really turned out well...


And it was made with frozen spinach instead of fresh...worked fine!

Josh felt strongly that the chili he made tonight deserved to be pictured in the blog :) It was very tasty, but not from TJOC

I'm going to Mexico in a couple weeks, so I think I may dedicate the next few week to Mexican foods!


  1. White bread, lol...
    This looks yummy! Different from the Aloo Gobi Kishore makes as ours there's not spinach or coconut milk. For someone coming from the tropics he's rather anti-coconut but spinach sounds like a great idea.
    Josh's chili looks very tasty too. :)

  2. I've been making lots of stuff off of '' because you have inspired me! You are so much better than that Rachel Ray slag!

  3. I'm sorry, and maybe this is a problem with the Joy of cooking, but Aloo Gobi doesn't have palaak (spinach) in it. It also doesn't use "curry powder" or coconut milk. I realize that TJOC takes quite a few liberties, but really this is quite off the mark in regards to Indian cooking. I just started reading your blog, but it seems like you've already learned quite a bit, so I hope you will try some real Indian food (or maybe you already have and I haven't read about it yet) down the road, because I think you will be good at it...

  4. I actually do know that because I love love love aloo gobi. It's my very favorite Indian dish. I have taken to eating at my small, local Indian restaurant twice a week for lunch and eating the vegetarian special, no matter what it is, which has been aaammmaazzziinnnggg.

    And TJOC does take a LOT of liberties with ethnic food. As an Italian-American, I can tell you the Italian recipes are usually wrong too :)


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