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Meat index

The great indexing project! Because I can't think of any other better way to do this...I'm listing all of the recipes in a given chapter and linking them to the post where I cook it. I would ADORE if you would comment on the index, especially if you can comment on TJOC recipes (in the respective chapter) that you have made and your thoughts on it :)

I'm terrible about updating the indexes, so if you stumbled on this page from Google and nothing is linked from the dish you are looking for, be sure to search for it.

Number of recipes: 158
Number of recipes made:
May 2009: 21 or 13.3% Not bad!
October 09: 26 or 16.5%
Mid-Jan 10: 26 or 16.5% Uh oh--no progress at all!
Mid-Jan 11: 39 or 24.7%
Mid-May 11: 48 or 30.4%

En croute
Beef wellington
A jus
Roast strip sirloin for a crowd
Roast eye of round, top round, or bottom sirloin
Stuffed butterflied eye of round or top round roast
Standing beef rib roast or prime rib for a crowd
Roasted fillet or tenderloin of beef
Grilled fillet or tenderloin of beef
Grilled or broiled steak
Grilled or broiled fillet steak
Pan-broiled steak
Peppered steak with cream sauce (steak au poivre)
London broil or broiled flank steak
Flank steak
Sauteed steak
Steak diane

Chicken-fried steak

Beef stroganoff
Beef and vegetable stir-fry
Becker Mongolian beef
Beef pot roast
Italian pot roast (stracotto)
French pot roast (boeuf a la mode)
Boiled beef (boeuf bouilli)
Beef stew
French beef stew (boeuf bourguignonne)
Beef stew with mustard, herbs, and white wine (beef daube)
Belgian beef stew (carbonnade flamande)
Hungarian goulash (pirkilt)
Beef brisket with sauerkraut
Sweet and sour brisket
Smoked brisket
Chuck roast in foil
Swiss steak
Flank steak with dressing
Braised short ribs
Beef rolls, roulades, rouladen, or paupiettes
Beef braciole
Steak and kidney pie
Kentucky burgoo
Corned beef I
Corned beef II
New England boiled dinner
Red flannel hash
Veal roast
Stuffed roasted veal
Cold veal in tuna sauce (vitello tonnato freddo)
Sauteed veal cutlet or scaloppine
Veal piccata
Veal marsala
Veal saltimbocca
Veal parmigiana
Veal francese
Breaded veal cutlets (wiener schnitzel)
Paprika schnitzel (or cutlet)
Veal cordon bleu
Braised veal shoulder chops
Grilled veal chops
Sauteed veal chops
White veal stew (blanquette de veau)
Braised veal shanks (osso buco)
Roast leg of lamb
Stuffed butterflied leg of lamb
Grilled or broiled butterflied leg of lamb
Roasted rack of lamb
Roasted rack of lamb with Moroccan spice rub
Roasted loin of lamb
Broiled or grilled lamb chops
Sauteed lamb chops
Braised lamb shoulder chops
Lamb kebabs
Beef kebabs
Braised shoulder of lamb
Braised stuffed shoulder of lamb
Braised lamb shanks
Lamb stew (Navarin printaniere)
Irish stew
Lamb curry with tomato
Boneless pork roast
Bone-in pork roast
Crown roast of pork
Pork orloff cockaigne
Boneless roast pork florentine
Roast fresh ham or leg of pork
Pulled pork
Roast suckling pig
Pork braised in milk
Braised pork with sauerkraut
Latin roasted picnic shoulder
Pork adobo
Pan-roasted pork tenderloin
Country-fried pork tenderloin with gravy
Grilled pork tenderloin
Pork chops I (sauteed)
Pork chops II (baked)
Pork chops III (grilled)
Breaded pork chops or cutlets
Braised stuffed pork chops cockaigne
Sweet and sour pork
Barbecued spareribs I (outdoors)
Barbecued spareribs II (indoors)
Baby back ribs
Country-style ribs baked in barbecue sauce
Baked ham I
Baked ham II
Country ham
Broiled ham steak
Country ham steak with red-eye gravy
Stewed pork neck bones
Stewed pork hocks
Baked bacon
Sauteed bacon
Broiled bacon
Microwaved bacon
Jamaican curried goat
Chili burgers
Barbecue burgers
Becker burgers
Patty melt
Sloppy joe
Becker lamb patties
Ground meat patties
Meat loaf I
Meat loaf II
German meatballs or konigsberger klops
Italian meatballs
Swedish meatballs
Chili con carne
Chili with meat and beans
Macleid's rockcastle chili
Cincinnati chili cockaigne
Ohio farmhouse sausage chili
Indian ground beef with potatoes and spices (keema alu)
Country sausage
Herbed pork sausage
Chicken and apple sausage
White sausage (boudin blanc)
Pan-broiled sausage
Boiled sausage
Pork scrapple or goetta
Pate maison
Sauteed calf's liver
Liver and onions
Sauteed kidneys with mustard
Boiled fresh, smoked, or pickled beef tongue
Baked stuffed heart
Spanish-style tripe
Braised oxtails (oxtail stew)

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