Monday, January 25, 2010

Pickled beet salad (p. 166) and Sauteed bacon (p. 508)

Pickled beet salad (p. 166) was on my randomly selected list and I've been meaning to make it for a while, but, honestly, it's difficult for me to get excited about pickled beets.

I combined cider vinegar, the beet juice that I drained off the canned beets, sugar, peppercorns, cloves, bay leave, and salt in a saucepan. I boiled it, then let it sit for a half hour, boiled it again, and then poured it on the beets.

Absolutely delicious! I have managed to get over my dislike of beets, a problem I totally blame on my father burning me out on the veggie. If you like vinegar this is the recipe for you! The beets are sweet, the vinegar is sour, and the broth is well seasoned. Make sure everyone in your house likes vinegar if you make this recipe--it makes the entire house smell like you were just cleaning the coffeepot. And don't forget that beets can make your pee red--I imagine some people find that a little disconcerting.

Sauteed bacon (p. 508) is one of those asinine TJOC recipes that I don't think you actually need a recipe for. You take bacon, throw it in a pan, and cook until crisp. Is a recipe needed? Who doesn't know how to sautee bacon?

The only thing this recipe taught me was to use medium-low heat instead of the high heat I usually use--I liked the way the bacon turned out. Bacon is absolutely delicious and I used it to make some delicious BLT's (with the Bibb lettuce and tomato that were originally destined for the Cobb salad I chose against making). Yum! You can't go wrong with a BLT.

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  1. I agree that you can't go wrong with a BLT. I actually had one for lunch this afternoon. I feel you on the comment moderation I have been getting those Japanese spam as well.

  2. Really? That's so bizarre! I hate comment moderation as a commenter but it's better than Japanese hookers advertising on my website.

  3. Yeah, not really a "recipe" for bacon. More just cooking directions. I also start it in a cold pan too though, it stays more flat that way.


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