Saturday, January 2, 2010

Roast chicken I (p. 424)

I actually roast chickens relatively often. But I hadn't officially made Roast chicken I (p. 424). It's a really simple recipe, which was exactly what I needed after a huge day of cooking on New Year's Eve. I rinsed the chicken, rubbed it with olive oil, and then let mom season it (the picture is pre-seasoning):

It was cooked for about an hour and we attacked it like hyenas:

Delicious! Roasting a chicken is so amazingly easy that it blows my mind when people mention that they've never done it before. Honestly, if you are scared of roasting something, start with a chicken--they are so cheap that if you mess up (and you won't), it doesn't really matter. Then use the carcass to make stock!

I noticed that everyone else seems to posting a list of resolutions on their blog, so I'm going to follow the trend:

1. Graduate with my PhD. Preferably in May.
2. Cook 201 recipes in 2010.
3. Find a job.
4. Regularly exercise using my Wii--I hate excercising, so this is going to be a challenge.
5. Visit Dallas, New Orleans, Des Moines, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Chicago to visit friends--I feel like I'm not seeing them nearly enough. And those are the easy ones--I'm really not seeing my friends in places like Fayetteville nearly enough.
6. Throw a massive garage sale and liquidate out some of the way too much stuff in this house
7. Read Stand Facing the Stove, the biography of Irma Rombauer
8. Take better pictures for the blog.
9. Get my dissertation research published.
10. Take more pictures! I have entire years with only one picture of myself.

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  1. Ok, I may have to try roasting a chicken again. Had a bad experience in our old apartment that involved fire alarms so been hesitant since. (Which is dumb as I roast a turkey every year, ha).

    And DAMN, that's quite a resolution list! Mine was basically the more exercise, which I also hate and haven't been doing to well at.
    Oh but yeah- you need to check off #5! :D Open invitation for you any time!


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