Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken or turkey chili hash with sweet potatoes (p. 108)

I had a lot of extra chicken because I made a double batch of chicken stock, which results in two poached chickens. I thought Chicken or turkey chili hash with sweet potatoes (p. 108) sounded okay. I only thought it sounded okay because TJOC's pork hash wasn't very good--it was bland and sludgy.

I sauteed an onion with some jalapenos and poblano peppers. I was worried at this point--I didn't use near as many peppers as I was supposed to and it still seemed like a LOT of peppers:

I then added potatoes and sweet potatoes--the yellow ones are from dad's garden (the last of my take):

I finally added cooked chicken. I cooked it until brown and then added chicken broth and chili powder:

I LOVED THIS HASH! It was so good! The potatoes were crisp and the mixture of white and sweet potatoes were perfect. It was only a little spicy--I will add more peppers next time. The jalapenos and poblanos really mellowed out during the cooking. This recipe is the perfect use of extra poached chicken or even rotisserie chicken. I'll admit it. This recipe made a lot of hash and I ate it all. It fed me three meals but I didn't offer Josh any--it was too delicious! Honestly, this is one of my favorite recipes in the BLS section of TJOC. I'm now looking forward to the final hash recipe!

The recipe is online and I would love to hear other people's opinions on it if you make it.
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  1. Oh yeay, online recipe! I love hash, and since we don't usually eat beef (seeming the more common variety) this would be perfect.


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