Thursday, September 25, 2008

Becker Pork Hash (p. 108)

I had leftover pork from the roasted pork I made a few days before, so I browsed TJOC for leftover pork recipes and I found Becker Pork Hash (p. 108). I actually meant to make this recipe for a few days before it actually got made--the recipe requires pork or Marsala, neither of which I had, and both of which a thorough googling taught me are substitute-free. I kept forgetting to pick the alcohol up! I eventually made it to the liquor store (and I picked up some mead while I was there--super cool!), bought some Marsala, and was able to make the hash.

Easy start (and TJOC's typical beginning), chopped carrots and onions are sauteed in butter. Chicken broth (homemade--I use it constantly!), the precious Marsala, and soy sauce are then added. Wow! This looks really good!

The next step made me feel like Sandra Lee--I added two cans of cream of mushroom soup.

Uh oh, it's starting to look more like mud (dog food?)...that's not an appetizing sign...

The glop is reduced until it's thick and then pork and peas are added:

The recipe says to serve over egg noodles or toast. I was out of egg noodles and the idea of this over toast was horrifying to me. So I went through my cupboards for an acceptable alternative...for a while I thought it might be elbow macaroni but then I saw it....

Spaetzle! That has to be better than elbow macaroni, right? My mom bought the spaetzle for me at World Market quite a while ago and this would be the perfect time to use it!

So how was my hash on spaetzle? Eh. Josh liked it, which was good, and it made a good lunch dish, but I thought it was spectacularly bland--and I'm not sure what I would have done differently or added to make it less bland. Is hash always bland? I've never had it before. The spaetzle was pretty good though.

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