Friday, September 26, 2008

CONTEST WINNERS and final Japan blog :)

Contest winners!!
The contest winners were randomly chosen! The winners are Melissa, Lisset, and Vanessa--packages will be sent soon! Everybody who sent me their addresses should watch their mailboxes though :)

If the winners (and anyone else who gets a prize!) would send me your thoughts on the snacks, that would be awesome--I would love to include someone else's opinion on these foods!

Blog about Japan

My camera was found and the pictures that were on it were saved!! So what were my final photographic thoughts about Japan?

I think it's really funny that enough people randomly come to the park to do karaoke that a sign has to tell them not to do it.

What does this sign even mean? I totally don't get it. I like to think it's about swimming through the air, which I try to avoid. I mean, that hasn't been a popular dance since about the 1950's and who wants to look that out of fashion?

An exhibit at the Tokyo zoo incuded:

What do bison, wild pigs, prairie dogs, and a turkey have in common? All are native to the US...could this be an America exhibit? And it was! I thought that was a hilarious mixture of animals. A couple of squirrels and a few rabbits would have really added to it, I thought.

What are these flowers that my mom is standing around? They were growing in water. Are they lotuses?

Rachel and I watched a movie about killer sheep not too long ago (just before I left for Japan, actually) and that is exactly what I was thinking about as I posed for this picture!

My last night in Japan with a couple of my co-workers in a very Japanese pose :)

Some of the final foods that I tried (most of which were sitting around the apartment for about a month):

1. Caramel corn/cream soda puffs. Horrible. I will give you that they tasted like cream soda but they also had a weird carbonated flavor. How do puffs taste carbonated? Don't know.

2. Caesar salad Pringles. Uck. Let's just say I don't expect to see these on our shelves any time soon...that being said, they did taste exactly like a Caesar salad...

3. Mitsuya Cider, grape flavored. I hate fake grape flavoring (I won this one) and it was SUPER sweet. One drink and in the recycling bin.

4. Cake soda. First drink--wow this tastes like a cake! Second taste--boy, this is pretty sweet. Third taste--why am I drinking this?

Curry Pringles--really good! Odd but really delicious. I ate the whole tube of them. i love curry.

Duchess and her sushi toy:

The sushi toy is easily one of Duchess's favorite toys. Mom's dog Gracie also enjoyed it:

Until next time!


  1. re the beach sign - The literal translation of the title is: Lets do it at the sea. They want you to restrict your diving activities to the seaside, rather than placing your torso between the closing doors of a train that is about to leave. The subtitle also suggests that you stop before reaching the doors.

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