Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baked Bacon (p. 508)

Bacon. Oh, how I love bacon. But it's such a pain in the rear to fry it up--it makes a mess, it takes a long time, and you have to hover over it the whole time, so it doesn't burn. Microwave bacon isn't crispy, so I don't like it. And the guys I work with say oven-fried bacon is the way to go. So I decided to make it...Baked Bacon (p. 508).

This is barely a recipe. I mean, you take bacon out of the package, put it in a pre-heated oven (350), and wait until it's cooked.

The bacon, pre-cooked. It's a little over-lapped, but what can you do (well, use a bigger pan, I suppose).

The cooked bacon. It was good but not crispy enough--when I made it later using an oven heated to 400 fixed that problem.

So what did I want the bacon for?

I was watching Top Chef (I'm a big fan!!) and they kept making grilled items. All I could think was yuummm...I could sure use a burger....even though it was 9 pm and I was going to bed soon. But, hey, I had ground beef...

I mixed the ground beef, some garlic powder, and a ton of black pepper. I then threw it on the George Foreman--you can mock me but that is truly the fastest way to cook burgers. I didn't have any buns, but some cheese, bacon, and hamburger is truly ambrosia.

Oh...and ketchup, the nectar of the gods....


  1. This is the only way I make bacon! Actually I don't even preheat- just set the oven to 400 and throw the tray in. The bacon curls less if you start it in a cold pan. Plus the oven vs. frying helps with not making the Entire house smell like bacon grease, heh. (oh what I would give for a professional range hood)

  2. What??? You don't like the smell of bacon? I think I would BUY that scent :)

    I do like the baken bacon--though Josh says it's unnatural!

  3. I make pepper bacon in the oven. I take regular bacon and sprinkle it heavily with fresh cracked pepper and some brown sugar. Yummy is all I can say. I do make regular bacon in the microwave. I have a little tray that has these groves in it. You place the bacon on top and the grease drains down and you get flat, crispy bacon .


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