Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pork Adobo (p. 502)

Obviously, I am behind on these :) I'm catching up slowly! I posted three this morning and I have about another five on the docket! I have great news to announce soon though...but not yet!

So my dad came to visit (which was great!) and I decided to make pork for him since he is a pork person. I made Pork Adobo (p. 502). The other reason I made this? I found pork shoulder steaks on sale at the store--although I had to half this recipe.

My favorite part of this recipe is this: The first line says that "Adobo is a marinade of chile peppers, paprika, and vinegar..."--but this recipe doesn't have any paprika in it. I would think that if you are going to mention a set of spices that were intrinsic to a recipe, you would expect that they would all be IN the recipe.

I didn't have any cider instead I used a mixture of the vinegars I did wine vinegar and white (my mom always has non-politically correct things to say about white vinegar--suffice it to say, she doesn't think it should be cooked with).

The marinated steaks, with the tomatoes. YUM!

The cooked pork, without the sauce.

Reducing the sauce...Before....

Reducing the sauce...After...

It was really delicious! I usually don't like cinnamon, but this flavor was complex and tasty. There weren't any leftovers :)

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