Monday, April 28, 2008

Poultry stock (p. 117) take two

First off, Josh decided that part of his stimulus check would be in vested in a KitchenAid ice cream machine. KitchenAid is so cool and has so many awesome accessories. This is the first one that we have invested in but I lust after the meat grinder and the pasta roller.

Some of you probably remember my poultry stock (take one). I included the liver, which is apparently not a good thing. So I started over... and we have Poultry stock (p. 117) take two.

This time the chicken didn't even HAVE variety meats--only the neck--so the offal problem would have never occurred with this particular chicken.

I like the idea of making chicken stock this way because a chicken is incredibly cheap. And as an added bonus, when you are done you have a chicken's worth of cooked poultry to use in other recipes!

I wish this was a smell-o-computer...because my house smelled delicious...

Look at all this extra chicken! I used some of the boiled chicken to make an awesome curry chicken for sandwiches. I modeled my sandwich after the curry chicken sandwiches at Paradise Cafe. The sandwich at Paradise was really good but cost $8--for a half sandwich! And no drink! I was horrified! Frankly, my version was better and a hellava cheaper.

Look how much stock this recipe made! 5 containers. I really wish we had a chest freezer...we always end up throwing some of it away because we can't get it all used before it turns. Frustrating. But this time the stock had a full, chicken-y flavor without any hints of liver!

Stay tuned! I'll probably get four or five blogs posted in one fell swoop (and by the by--what does the "fell" in that statement mean?).


  1. I love my Kitchenaid mixer but was bummed right after we got it they were doing a special where you got the ice cream attachment for free. :( I really want one! Curious, what model do you have?

  2. Model of Kitchenaid? It's the heavy-duty--but the small one. It rachets the bowl up instead of the top popping up (if that makes any sense). The thing that sucks is it's almost impossible to find extra bowls--they are always for the artisan. Which one do you have? Do you have a cool color?


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