Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carrots vichy (p. 266), Sauteed veal cutlet or scallopine (p. 486), and Sauteed mushrooms (p. 283)

I am proud to say that I actually made a solid, rounded meal with a meat and two vegetables. And every piece was absolutely delicious.

I've been meaning to make Carrots vichy (p. 266) for quite a while. I even meant to make it last Thanksgiving and then got so bogged down by all the other components that it didn't get made. But I wanted to make a vegetable and I always have carrots--it seemed like an obvious recipe to make. It's really strange that there six carrot recipes in the Vegetables chapter and I haven't made a single one, even though I always have carrots on hand.

The recipe was simple. I combined carrots, water, butter, sugar, and salt in a pot.

I brought it to a boil and then cooked it for about twenty minutes.

And it was done. I love recipes where you combine a bunch of ingredients in a pot and wait for it to be done. Easy!

I found some veal scaloppine on sale at the grocery store, so, of course, I snapped it right up. I made Sauteed veal cutlet or scallopine (p. 486). The first step of the recipe was to pound the cutlets but since I bought them already in scaloppine form, I skipped that step. I dredged the cutlets in a little flour and then added some salt and pepper.

TJOC mentioned that they should only take 30-60 seconds a side, cooked in olive oil. REALLY? That's such a short amount of time.

But it was correct. After about thirty seconds, the flour started lighting on fire. Watch the veal VERY CLOSELY or keep a fire extingusher close at hand. Or both.

The recipe mentions that the veal can be topped with Sauteed mushrooms (p. 283), which I thought was an excellent idea. I sliced a pound of mushrooms, and then added them to a hot butter/vegetable oil combination.

I cooked them for about ten minutes, twice the amount of time TJOC recommended, but they finally started to brown and cook down.

Very simple! The entire meal was simple--no more than fifteen minutes or so of active time for everything.

The meal was delicious! The cutlets were tender and flavorful, the mushrooms were tasty, and the carrots hit just the right note of sweetness. Plus I felt healthy! Two vegetables with the protein? We should do this more often!

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  1. Dinner looks great! These carrots remind me of the ones my mom used to make only hers were whipped. I loved them.


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