Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buttermilk waffles (p. 647) and Eggs baked in a muffin tin (p. 199)

First of all, don't forget to enter the contest! I'm extending the deadline because I'm so behind in posting. I was in Des Moines visiting my mom so one of my best friends, E, came to visit from Kansas City. We stayed out (late) catching up and decided to get some breakfast before going shopping. I decided to make Buttermilk waffles (p. 647) and .

The waffles were really simple. The wet ingredients (eggs, butter, and buttermilk) were mixed together:

In another bowl, the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and salt) were mixed and I made a well in the center. At this point I thought that it would have been a good idea to read this recipe before starting so I could have used a bigger bowl--it wasn't much of a well.

The wet ingredients were poured into the dry and it was briefly mixed. Don't worry if there are lumps--there are supposed to be lumps, overmixing the batter will ruin the waffles. I used a measuring cup to transfer batter to the waffle iron.

Several years ago, my mother kept complaining that she wanted a waffle iron. I knew full well she wasn't going to use it more than once a year so I refused to buy her one. Then, one day, I was out with my friend Ben at garage sales and we found a waffle iron for two dollars. It works perfectly, even if it is rather ugly:

The waffles were tender, fluffy, and delicious. They were easy to make, didn't stick, and were terrific. I think they were better than the waffles that I made earlier. I would (and will) make these in the future--and it made six waffles, exactly like it said (so if you are making waffles for a big group, make sure to at least double the recipe).

I thought that I should make something else to go with the waffles and the recipe for Eggs baked in a muffin tin (p. 199) jumped out at me (OT--I hate when people misuse the word "literally" as in "it literally jumped out at me". Unless words are attacking you, in which case you may want to seek medical attention, it didn't literally do anything).

I greased my mother's thousand-year-old muffin pan with some butter and then sprinkled some grated Parmesan and diced ham into each cup.

I cracked an egg into each of the spaces.

The recipe recommends a water bath but mom didn't have a big enough pan, so I didn't bother.

It didn't matter--they were absolutely perfect. And adorable! This may be the cutest breakfast item I've ever made. Plus they were delicious with bread. The Parmesan and ham were a great addition and it was a terrific way to make portioned eggs for a group.

And I'm sure that all of you are wondering what I bought when we went shopping :) I found my outfit for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! I found a BCBG dress for 70% off!

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Calvin Klein shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. These shoes were amazingly on a double sale and then mom also had a coupon! Perfection.


  1. Your breakfast looks delicious and I love your waffle iron! Your blog is adorable. I have to follow your blog so I can see what's up next! I welcome you to follow mine as well if you like.

  2. I really love the idea of cooking eggs in a muffin tin! Found you on Leftover Queen, definitely stumbling this post.

  3. Thank you! Your stumbling my post gave me a TON of hits today, it was very exciting!

    And I really recommend the muffin thing, especially if:
    1. You are cooking for a crowd
    2. You like cute food (I do!)

  4. We have so many things in common, and yet...
    I LOVE that waffle iron! If were picking amongst millions of waffle irons, there is a good chance that would be in my top 5- I can't say number one because there might be a Batz-Maru waffle iron out there somewhere.

    And what can I say....I can't imagine anyone LIKING that color of dress, although I am sure you will look fabulous in it. You know how I would feel in it- fat.


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