Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick tomato corn chowder (p. 149)

First things first, I've posted multiple blogs at once today, so make sure to check them all!

Josh and I were hungry and I wanted to make something fast. Quick tomato corn chowder (p. 149) seemed to be perfect--it even had quick in the title!

This was a bizarre (but quick!) recipe.

A can of creamed corn, a can of condensed tomato soup, some milk, sugar, and a little curry powder were mixed together:

Appetizing, right?

It was heated through but not boiled:

And done! Honestly, from start to finish, the recipe probably took five minutes.

It was surprisingly good. It didn't taste homemade but it was pretty good. It would go really well with a grilled cheese sandwich. Josh really liked it. I thought the curry added to the flavor--I might add curry to other corn recipes in the future (it's a good flavor combination). There really wasn't much to say about the recipe.

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