Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sauteed fruit (p. 214) and Fried rice (p. 357)

I love pineapple and I particularly love pineapple-upside down cake. That being said, PUDC usually seems like too big of a hassle to make. I was hoping that Sauteed fruit (p. 214) made with pineapple would be similar enough to PUDC for a holdover recipe between cake baking sessions.

A third of a cup of brown sugar and butter were mixed and cooked until golden brown.

The pineapple was then added to the sugar mixture.

And it was cooked for a few minutes. It was sooooo good! The sugar was gooey and the pineapple was crisp and slightly softened. It tasted like the delicious top of a pineapple upside-down cake. I couldn't recommend this enough. It was fast, easy, and tasty, plus you can modify for about six other fruits if you don't like pineapple.

I make fried rice fairly often but I've never used a recipe (does anyone use a recipe for fried rice?). I though that Fried rice (p. 357) might be a fast, easy recipe for Sunday lunch. The recipe starts with whisking four eggs together with some salt and frying it up in a skillet:

When it was set, the egg was broke into clumps, and set aside.

About four cups of rice were added to the pan, along with some ginger.

The eggs were mixed in and it was done!

How was it? It's impossible to know because my rice didn't turn out. Now you might be thinking, how can you possibly screw up rice? And, three years ago, I would have totally agreed with you. Rice was absolutely on my impossible-to-screw-up list. Since moving to high altitude I have learned that a lot of things can go terribly wrong with rice. And the rice I used for this recipe wasn't cooked. So the fried rice wasn't very good--I'm sure it would be much, much more tasty with cooked rice (particularly with rice that I didn't have to cook at all, such as leftover rice from Chinese food).

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  1. Ginger, rice, eggs? I thougth soy sauce was a mandatory component of fried rice. No, I never use a recipe, but I use a lot of ingredients. If I broke it down to the minimum: rice, eggs, ginger, soy sauve, garlic, oil (I like to use a mix of sesame & canola).


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