Thursday, March 24, 2011

Country-style ribs baked in barbecue sauce (p. 505)

I found country-style pork ribs at the grocery store that were perfect for Country-style ribs baked in barbecue sauce (p. 505). I only had two pounds of them, though, so I made a half recipe.

I combined homemade barbecue sauce and orange juice:

Placed my ribs in an ovenproof baking dish (these awesome things are from Tupperwear and have lids!):

And poured the sauce over the top:

They were baked for three hours:

Then turned and baked for one more hour:

The picture is dark but they weren't burned. These were absolutely delicious! They were tender enough to fall off the bone and infused with a perfect barbecue flavor. Of course, after I finished the ribs, I found another set of them in the refrigerator, which meant I could have made a full version of the recipe. If you are intimidated about making ribs at home, start with this incredibly easy recipe.

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