Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ham and vegetable strata (p. 98)

I knew what to expect, sort of, from Ham and vegetable strata (p. 98). For example, from the sausage and mushroom strata, I know it would make a TON of food. I asked Josh if he would rather have asparagus or broccoli in the strata and he chose asparagus. Frozen asparagus is not easy to find. Out of the 300 types of frozen vegetables there was only one (comparatively expensive) choice for frozen asparagus.

I sauteed chopped onions in vegetable oil. I added chopped ham and asparagus and browned it all:

I cut a loaf of French bread into cubes and layered half of the bread cubes in the casserole dish:

Doesn't seem like enough, right? I then covered the bread with the ham mixture:

Sprinkled cheese over the whole thing:

I topped it with the remaining bread and the rest of the cheese.

I mixed milk, eggs, salt, and pepper:

The egg mixture was poured over the top:

The whole thing was baked (no picture, use your imagination, make it beautiful).

Josh loved it, I thought it was disgusting. I finally figured out my problem with stratas. First off, I believe bread pudding should be sweet, not savory. Secondly, I hate hot sandwiches (excluding grilled cheese and French dips). Something about the heated meat grosses me out. And a strata is just a giant hot sandwich. I'm guessing most people would like this (although I didn't) and it certainly made a lot at a relatively low price. I'm just glad I don't have to make any more stratas.

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