Thursday, March 3, 2011

Help me pick recipes to make in the next month!

I have several blog posts in the hopper as well as announcing the winner of the contest--everything will be updated by Sunday.

This is a repost from the TJOTJOC Facebook page (become a fan!).

I totally stole this idea from Carol Porter (, who had her fans vote for a 1949 edition of TJOC recipe that she would make. I thought "Great idea!". So which of these would you like to see me make? Have you made any of these?

You can vote three recipes: one sweet, one savory category 1, and one savory category 2.

Either vote here or on the FB page. PLEASE VOTE!

Voting will close March 19th at midnight and I will make all three recipes within the next two weeks.

Savory category 1:

1. Chicken pot pie (p. 103). I've never made a pot pie from scratch, it seems intimidating.

2. Jellied tomato soup (p. 127). Or any of the other jellied soups. It seems so gross!

3. Corn dogs (p.185). I love corn dogs. Scared to make them though.

4. Eggs in a nest (p. 199). Eggs in mashed potatoes--weird.

5. Mousaaka (p. 274). Something I eat at Greek restaurants and something I've never considered trying to make.

Savory category 2:

1.Vanilla coconut shrimp (p.388). Sounds like a terrible combination.

2. Thai fish cakes (p.410). This recipe could be awful, could be delicious.

3. Sesame chicken (p. 432). A guilty pleasure at the most Americanized Chinese restaurants.

4. Pork braised in milk (p. 501). Odd.

5. Puttanesca sauce (p. 564). Streetwalker's sauce!


1. Oatmeal cake (p. 721). It says it has a loyal following.

2. Madeleines (p. 739). I actually have a madeleine pan now!

3. Ginger thins (p. 770). This recipe says it makes 300 tiny cookies.

4. Butter pecan ice cream (p. 833). It might be time to make ice cream.

5. Curried apricot chutney (p. 950). Interesting, right?

**If this goes well, it's going to become a regular feature. I like the idea!
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  1. Hi Jessica,

    I like this idea!

    So for savory choice one, I like Chicken Pot Pie, but I think I'll vote for the Jellied Tomato Soup - I'm interested in how that one turns out.

    Savory choice two, I vote for the pork braised in milk. I love braised meat and this sounds interesting.

    For the sweet choice, they all look good, but I will vote for the Ginger Thins.

    Looking forward to see how it all goes!

    ~Kay :-)

  2. 1: Jellied tomato soup. Sorry but it sounds interesting!
    2: Vanilla coconut shrimp - can't imagine how it tastes together.
    3: Go the icecream! I once made cherry icecream and it was delicious.

  3. hey fellow Coherent!

    my picks:
    -Eggs in a basket because that seems odd...
    -Vanilla Coconut Shrimp because I make a coconut shrimp curry and would be interested in this variation...
    -Not really a sweets person, but Curried apricot chutney sounds exotic


  4. jellied tomato soup...

    vanilla coconut shrimp

    curried apricot chutney (probably good with the shrimp!)


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