Saturday, March 19, 2011

New puppy! Pickles of the month! And contest winner!

This is a non-cooking post, so if you only read for the cooking, skip this post!

Josh and I added a new family member to the household! About a month ago we got a little papillon puppy that we named Lestat. We figured he is French, obstinate, and naughty, so it's the perfect name.

Our other dog, Duchess, didn't know what to think about him. Duch is only 20 lbs, Lestat was only 4 lbs when we got him:

Now THAT is a cute face!

Lestat thrives on danger:

See, he's already helping me blog:

Yes, I often blog wearing an apron and in that giant mess. I will admit it. It took all of my self control not to bore you with a thousand more doggie pictures.

Josh bought me a Pickle-of-the-month club membership for Christmas. It is, quite possibly, the best gift ever. I LOVE of-the-month clubs (he got me a puzzle subscription a few years ago).

February's pickles were:

Loved them both. The Really Chunky Dills with Garlic were extremely crisp and garlicky. The Pickles and Peppers were incredibly sweet and hot. I love bread and butter pickles and these were bread and butter pickles kicked up a few notches. I loved them. I need more pickles!

I had never heard of Tony Packo's in Ohio before receiving these pickles but between these delicious pickles and their awesome looking menu, I would love to eat there. There are SO many items on the menu that look great. Have any of you been there before? Apparently they were Klinger's favorite restaurant on MASH (slightly before my time) because the actor that played him Jamie Farr, was a huge fan.

Finally, the winner of the $35 CSN GC is....

Drumroll please...

True Random Number Generator

SHARON! She has been notified. Congrats, Sharon! Hopefully more contests to come!


  1. How could you ever get bored of puppy photos?! So cute! I want a puppy that can sit on my shoulders, awwww.
    Aejaz still has his one web page up, lol.

  2. OMG Lestat is soooooo adorable! Almost as cute as my Teddy & Twinkle. haha.... (sorry, every mom thinks their pups are the cutest, right? ;-))

  3. Who would pass up a puppy???? Adorable. Lestat's hairstyle is the best part of him :)


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