Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shandy (p. 53) and English muffin pizza (p. 182)

Oh, the Shandy (p. 53). Something about the shandy just doesn't sound delicious to me. I mixed lager (I choose delicious Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers) with ginger beer:

Josh had to drink several of these, since it seemed like a waste to throw the extra ginger beer and MHL away. He actually rather liked the shandy. He thought the MHL leveled out the odd flavor of the ginger beer. I thought it was awful, which is likely due to my hatred of ginger beer. Apparently you can also use Sprite in a Shandy which sounds even more awful to me.

While Josh was enjoying his shandy, I made him an English muffin pizza (p. 182).

I took an English muffin, toasted it in the broiler, spread it with chili sauce (you can use catsup--CATSUP!), sprinkled oregano on it, topped it with grated cheddar, poured olive oil over it, and popped it back in the broiler:

Until it turned out like this:

Believe it or not, Josh said it was good and he'd happily eat it again. He thought it needed a little extra "punch" like a couple of pieces of pepperoni or bacon but he thought it was overall rather tasty. I will say it was certainly easy and made out of stuff we already had on hand, which was nice.

Random facts:
  • Apparently, shandies can be made with lemonade or cider too (Wikipedia). I love cider, so maybe I would like a cider shandy more.
  • Various versions of the shandy seem to be popular all over the world, especially in Germany (seriously paraphrasing Wikipedia)
So, readers, have you had a shandy before? What was the mixture?

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  1. My friend went to college in the UK and said the ladies got Shandy's all the time, although usually the ones made with Sprite. Everyone here she tells that to though thinks it's extremely odd. :)
    And I use to make english muffin pizzas as a kid! Totally forgot about that. Mental note for lunch idea.


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