Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate icebox cookies (p. 776)

I have been eying the giant list of icebox cookies for some time. I know exactly why they haven't been made, too. I really hate when I have to refrigerate cookie dough. Usually it means I'm in the mood to cook when I start but then have to take a break and I'm usually not in the mood to bake when I need to finish the cookies. This is also why I never make sugar cookies.

Even so, there are seven icebox cookie recipes in TJOC. I read them to Josh, he picked the chocolate chip version which requires tiny, expensive chocolate chips. Instead of making his choice (much to his dismay), I decided to make Chocolate icebox cookies (p. 776). Same thing, right? RIGHT?

So I mixed flour, baking powder, and salt. In another bowl I beat butter and sugar until fluffy, finally adding in an egg, melted chocolate, brandy, and some vanilla.

I rolled the whole thing up with parchment paper and popped it in the fridge:

The dough was really sticky and did not like rolling up. The next day it was extremely hard. I cut it in to slices:

And baked them:

These are odd cookies. They are thin and crisp. I think they would be an absolutely delicious ice cream sandwich. This particular version was chocolate-y without being overboard. The addition of brandy was excellent--it added some depth to the chocolate. That all being said, I hate making the dough and then having to finish the cookies hours later so I doubt that icebox cookies will ever be at the top of my list of favorite cookie recipes.
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