Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Know your ingredients index

The great indexing project! Because I can't think of any other better way to do this...I'm listing all of the recipes in a given chapter and linking them to the post where I cook it. I would ADORE if you would comment on the index, especially if you can comment on TJOC recipes (in the respective chapter) that you have made and your thoughts on it :)

I hope to update each index about once a quarter. If you are looking for something and I don't have it linked, search for it. I often am extremely behind on these indexes.

This is a strange chapter because it isn't all about recipes but it does have some...so this will also give you an idea of what I plan on making (what I consider a recipe!).

Know your ingredients:
Number of recipes: 65
Number of recipes made:
(Sept 2008): 4 or 6.2% (I didn't know there were so many recipes in this chapter!)
May 2009: 7 or 10.8%
Oct 09: 9 or 13.8%
Mid-Jan 10: 9 or 13.8%
Mid-Jan 11: Same (I actually think this is wrong and I need to backtrack)
Mid-May 11: Same

Almond (almondine) garnish
Anchovy pesto
Bouquet garni
Buttered breadcrumbs
Au gratin
Blender butter
Hand-made butter
Homemade cheese
Cottage cheese
Cream cheese
Chili powder
Coconut "butter"
Toasted coconut
Croutons I
Croutons II
Croutons III
Croutons IV
Croutons V
Croutons VI
Curry powder I
Curry powder II
Curry powder III
Curry powder IV
Devil seasoning
Five-spice powder
Garam marsala
Cooked hot mustard
Grainy mustard
Uncooked hot mustard
Toasting nuts
Peanut butter
Quatre Epices (spice parisienne) I
Quatre Epices (spice parisienne) II
Ras el hanout
Seasoned salt I
Seasoned salt II
Herb salt
Smoky salt mixture
Creme fraiche I
Creme fraiche II
Sour cream
Caramelized sugar
Colored sugar
Cinnamon sugar
Citrus flavored sugar
Vanilla sugar
Szechuan-pepper salt
Italian tomato paste
Tomato paste
Almond milk
Soy milk
Chili vinegar
Garlic vinegar
Ginger vinegar
Fresh herb vinegar
Quick herb vinegar
Red raspberry vinegar cockaigne
Spiced vinegar
Tarragon or burnt vinegar
Homemade yogurt

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