Friday, October 3, 2008

Curry Powder I (p. 974)

First off, the weekend's goal was to catch up on blogs. I've posted about five blogs in a few days (but they are all dated back to the date they were made) so even if you are a loyal reader of TJOTJOC, it is unlikely that you have seen all the entries.

I have been indexing the recipes that I have made--if you are looking for a specific recipe, I recommend going to the sidebar and selecting "index" and it will show you all the indexes.

In the meantime, Josh and I bought some salmon and needed to use it before it went bad. I made my go-to condiment for salmon, curry mayo. I don't like the curry I have because it turns everything a muddy gray-green (although I'm thankful that my mom bought it for me!) and decided to make my own.

TJOC has four recipes for curry (five if you include garam marsala) and I decided to make Curry Powder I (p. 974), mainly because I didn't have fennel, poppy seeds, or fenugreek for the other curries.

The curry was great but tasted pretty strongly of cardamom.

And a note to all of you--don't send the bowl that was used to mix the curry powder in through the dishwasher. Josh opened the dishwasher up to unload it and said "why is our dishwasher a different color?" I figured that was a bad sign. I looked inside--the inside of the dishwasher was yellow, although our plates and stuff were fine...I immediately knew the culprit was the turmeric. It had also dyed my hands yellow. So wash anything with turmeric in it throughly and in the sink!

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  1. Hmm I wonder what original masala's these were modeled after. We have boxes and boxes of different ones! But grinding it fresh is always so much better but I am lazy, haha. And that turmeric, it does dye everything! Funny factoid- in Telugu the name for it is Pasupu which is literally the color name "yellow".


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