Monday, October 13, 2008

Sauteed Greens with Garlic (p. 278) and Leftover German-fried Potatoes (p. 300)

I had leftover baked potatoes from the baked potato soup and decided to use them for Leftover German-fried Potatoes (p. 300). The recipe says to use leftover boiled potatoes, but I figured it didn't matter very much.

This is an incredibly easy recipe. Slice some potatoes, add some onion, sprinkle paprika and salt on top, and cook until brown!

Golden brown and delicious!

I had a bunch of kale that had to be used before it rotted and decided to make Sauteed Greens with Garlic (p. 278). I realized while making it that kale is the green in the Olive Garden's potato soup (which, along with the salad, are the only things I really like at the Olive Garden)...interesting!

Kale is kind of an ugly green but perhaps it has inner beauty.

The recipe says to cut any stems and ribs into half-inch pieces, but on the previous page it says to de-rib kale, so I removed the stems and threw them away.

Garlic and red pepper flakes are heated in some olive oil. Yum! A good start!

The kale was then added in. The recipe says to cook until tender, 3-5 minutes. That must be for chard because my kale took FOREVER to become tender. I swear, it was at least 25 minutes before it was done--but it's possible the kale was old. I'm definitely not an expert on kale.

A little red wine vinegar is added and that's that!

So how was it?

Surprisingly good! The vinegar flavor mingled well with the garlic and oil. The kale was kind of chewy--but flavorful. I really love Swiss Chard, so I'll probably try it with another green in the future.

The potatoes were AWESOME!! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside--absolutely wonderful. And super easy! A great use of leftover baked potatoes. Amusingly, the recipe says it makes four servings. I hate to say it--but I ate it all (except for a small amount Josh smuggled out). So I say, it makes one giant serving if you love potatoes like I do!

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