Friday, October 3, 2008


I received an E-Award from The Mediocre Cook! How exciting! I am extremely happy to be mentioned and I'm a big fan of the MC which makes it even better :) I read a TON online, although I do have some favorites.

My favorite blogs (all of these are on my google reader, along with about twenty more):

1. Pieknits. I would read this blog even if she wasn't one of my oldest (in terms of friendship years, not age years!) friends. If you have ever had the slightest interest in knitting--this blog has everything from skull wristbands to knitted pie slices. There are also extremely tasty recipes every so often and terrific step-by-step house projects, like upholstery.

2. Cake Wrecks. If you don't read this blog, you are insane. It's so funny! I don't recommend reading it at work because you'll seem unhinged--giggling to yourself in the corner. There is no way that I would ever pay for any of these hidious cakes--and I hope never to have a cake to submit!

3. Fast Food News. I'm not sure why I like this blog so much--but it always makes me feel up to date on what's happening in the fast food world.

4. Reality Blurred. I have been a fan of RB FOREVER. If you like reality shows, you must read this blog (and I do love reality embarrassing as it is!).

A trifecta of Gourmet themed blogs :)

5. Cooking Gourmet. Always fascinating and it's awesome to follow along with a cook-through blog from someone who actually has cooking experience (unlike myself!). I have found myself bookmarking pages in my Gourmet cookbook because her posts look so interesting!

6. Gourmet all the way. I have to say, I love that Adam's recipes don't always turn out either! And he posts a lot of pictures, which I adore.

7. The Gourmet Project. Teena always has such interesting stories (I loved the stories about the guys who she wasn't dating breaking up with her)--and she also got engaged and announced it on her blog :) Her pictures are beautiful and always make me want to make what she just made (especially the macaroons!).

By the way, this award comes with rules, here they are: Please find at least 10 more blogs of any kind which you deem to be excellent; but hey if you only come up with 3 or 5, I don’t mind. Post about the blogs you picked, linking back to me and to them. Once you’ve posted, return here to let me know your post is up, and of course let your 10 award winners know too.

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