Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Dogs (p. 185), German Dog (p. 185), and Cheese Dog (p. 185)

TJOC has a whole set of recipes that seem incredibly unnecessarily--foods that don't require a recipe. One such recipe is for Hot Dogs (p. 185). It is possible I'm missing the point--there was a blog on Slashfood about making bread in a rice cooker where the author mocks the whole central concept and totally misses the point--ovens aren't particularly common in Japan, bread machines CERTAINLY aren't, rice cookers are absolutely ubiquitous though--so if someone wanted some fresh baked bread, it could be made in an appliance that they probably already have. So maybe some people truly don't know how to make hot dogs and this recipe is a godsend, who knows.

This is about the easiest recipe in the world and thus, is a nice short blog. Toast some buns and butter them.

Butter them? Really? Okay....

Add butter to a skilled, half the hot dogs (I used Hebrew Nationals), and sautee them. In butter? Is TJOC kidding? I must say, I typically use NO butter....

Eventually they get nice and browned (and rather curly).

And slap them on a bun!

Hmmm....I decided to make two of the four hot dog variations for dinner. First, the German Dog (p. 185). Take some sauerkraut, slop it on the hot dog, and there you have it. Josh said it was quite tasty.

For myself, I made the Cheese Dog (p. 185). You can either use sliced American cheese (Kraft singles?) or cheese spread (Cheez-whiz?). I went with the American cheese...and smashed it right in the middle.

How was it? Good but almost too buttery (I know! I didn't know it was possible!). I'm not sure that hot dogs require all of that butter...

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  1. I'm with you... a *recipe* for a hot dog? LOL

    I probably eat 1 or 2 hot dogs a year, and that's enough for me! :)


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