Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fried Eggs (p. 196) and Fried Egg Sandwich (p. 182)

I've made the realization that the best way to knock out plenty of TJOC recipes in a month is to turn to TJOC when I'm hungry and look for a fast recipe. That was my method tonight. I decided to make a Fried Egg Sandwich (p. 182), which starts with the obvious first step of making Fried Eggs (p. 196).

This is one of those recipes of those recipes that 99% of people already know. So have I ever made a fried egg before? No. I don't like fried eggs, so I've never made one before, and it always seems challenging to make them without bursting the yolks.

The start is really easy--melt some butter in a pan (bacon grease would be even better but I didn't have any bacon) and crack two eggs into it (the recipe is for four eggs but I seriously doubt it will matter).

I wanted a firm yolk for the sandwich, so I covered the pan and cooked the eggs for a couple of minutes. Eventually, we got:

Fairly attractive! And the eggs are done--easy enough! On to the sandwich...

First step, toast an English muffin, add some grated cheese, and broil. A perfect job for the toaster oven (we have a really fancy toaster oven from my godmother and like to use it as often as possible, especially in the summer, because it doesn't heat the whole house).

I have to admit, I made two of these sandwiches, one the TJOC way and one the even easier way. The TJOC method:

My method--a Kraft single. Probably not quite as good but it cuts a couple minutes out of the recipe!

And there we had it:

How was it? Amazingly good and really really filling. Super easy--I think this is a great dish for anyone who doesn't have much time and doesn't want to make tv dinner.

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  1. We make fried egg sandwiches all the time - it's a good breakfast to take with you if you're running late!


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