Monday, January 1, 2007

Sandwiches, wraps, and pizza index

The great indexing project! Because I can't think of any other better way to do this...I'm listing all of the recipes in a given chapter and linking them to the post where I cook it. I would ADORE if you would comment on the index, especially if you can comment on TJOC recipes (in the respective chapter) that you have made and your thoughts on it :)

I hope to update each index a few times a year. If you have found this page through Google and the page you want isn't hyperlinked, make sure to search for it, it's possible I've made it since the last index update.

Sandwiches, Wraps, and Pizza:
Number of recipes: 90
Number of recipes made:
(Sept 2008): 5 or 5.6% (the pizzas are killing me!)
(December 2008): 10 or 11.1% (Progress!)
(March 2009): 16 or 17.8% (Making great progress!)
May 2009: 17 or 18.9%
Oct 09: 22 or 24.4%
Mid-Jan 2010: 22 or 24.4%
Mid-Jan 2011: 31 or 34.4%
Mid-May 2011: 34 or 37.8%

Nut Butter
Savory walnut butter
Rosemary pecan butter
Curried macadamia butter
Honey butter
Cream cheese spread
Cucumber cream cheese spread (Benedictine)
Pimiento cheese
Almond ginger cream cheese spread
Orange pecan cream cheese spread
Deviled ham or chicken spread
Chicken or ham salad spread
Grilled cheese sandwich
Waffle sandwich
Club sandwich
Twin sandwich
Reuben sandwich
Croque monsieur
Croque madame sandwich
Monte cristo
Cuban sandwich
Prosciutto, mozzarella, and basil panini
Cheese toast
Tuna melt
English muffin pizza
Hot brown
Hot roast beef sandwich
Pastrami and corned beef triple-decker sandwich
Braunschweiger sandwich
Meat loaf sandwich
Mixed veggie sandwich
Lobster rolls
Clam roll
Fried soft-shell crab sandwich
Fried egg sandwich
Western egg sandwich
Bagels and lox
Submarine or hero sandwich
Sausage and pepper sub
Meatball sandwich
Philly cheese steak
Oyster po-boy
Hot dogs
German dog
Cheese dog

Mexican dog
Cheese coney
Corn dogs
Hearty tea sandwiches
Tea sandwiches with spreads
Tea sandwiches on sweet bread
Ribbon sandwiches
Rolled sandwiches
Turkey and avocado wraps
Steak wraps
Grilled vegetable wraps
Becker gyro sandwich
Falafel sandwich
Ground beef tacos
Shredded chicken tacos
Shredded pork tacos
Black bean tacos
Grilled fish tacos
Frilled shrimp tacos
Shrimp and avocado tostadas
Chicken, turkey, or beef tostadas with black beans
Steak fajitas
Chicken fajitas
Shrimp fajitas
Pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella
Pizza margherita
Pepperoni pizza
Pizza with mushrooms, peppers, and onion
Pizza with Italian sausage and onion
Pizza with mushroom, sausage, and pepperoni
Seattle pizza
Pizza with prosciutto, artichokes, and olives
Pizza with grilled eggplant, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes
White pizza with fresh tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese
White pizza with caramelized onions, black olives, and rosemary
White pizza with fresh clams and garlic
White pizza with spicy shrimp and roasted red peppers
White pizza with portobello mushrooms and goat cheese
White pizza with chicken and broccoli
White pizza with potatoes and sage
Grilled pizza

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