Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Croque monsieur (p. 181)

I needed something fast for dinner and Croque monsieur (p. 181) was one of the only things that I could find quickly and had all (four) of the ingredients on hand.

I buttered some white bread (TJOC specifies home style white, I used WonderBread, which I think is pretty homey but I don't think is probably what the cookbook meant) and added a thin slice of ham:

I then added the Gruyere cheese:

At this point I actually managed to read the recipe--the cheese doesn't go IN the sandwich but rather ON it, so I knocked it all off and stuck the sandwiches in the broiler for a couple minutes:

The cheese was added to the sandwich for the second time and into the broiler it went:

The sandwich was good and easy although a little boring. I like my cheese in the sandwich rather than on it, less messy that way. The ham was delicious though!


  1. I love this TJOC recipe. It's one of my favorites. Just wondering, which edition do you use. I have two, the first revision from the early nineties and a more recent revision. I have to say I like the older one best.

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