Monday, October 12, 2009

Randomly Generated List #2

As I mentioned before, I'm stealing an idea from Teena of the Gourmet Project. She uses a random number generator to generate page numbers and she has to cook something off of them every so often. It's a good way to make sure that you aren't avoiding recipes--otherwise I could end up with a year of really nasty-looking foods that I didn't want to make.

I'm going to post my list (that way I can't cheat!). I plan on making at least one recipe every two weeks. I can make any recipe off of the page but the recipe has to start on the page in question. I have to make them all before I can move on to the next set (we will see how that works!).

**One major change and some of you might think this is cheating--I have decided that I can carry over up to five dishes once (and only once)--and add as many other dishes to get to 25**

Here is the list (page number, abbreviated chapter title, (eventually) what I made and the date):
ETA: I decided to list all the possibilities per page so I could easily refer to this page. When I make something, it will be linked and the discarded choices will be deleted :)

77, Appetizers and Hors D'Oeuvres: Marinated goat cheese with fresh thyme 2/18/10
139, Stocks and soups: Scotch broth, pepper pot
145, Stocks and soups: Cream of onion soup, 1/6/10
166, Salads: Pickled beet salad, 1/25/10
175, Salads: Molded cranberry salad, 11/26/09
201, Egg dishes: Spanish omelet, egg white omelet
237, Fruits: Tamarind dipping sauce, 12/31/09
381, Shellfish: Grilled, broiled, or roasted soft-shell crabs, Steaamed blue crabs, Poached (or boiled) hard-shelled crabs, Crab cakes
431, Poultry and wildfowl: Chicken paprika (paprikas csirke), 2/10/10
440, Poultry and wildfowl: Sauteed chicken livers, 1/6/10
448, Poultry and wildfowl: Roast duck a la orange (bigarade), 1/16/11
586, Savory sauces, salad dressing, marinades, and rubs: Teriyaki marinade, 8/30/10
600, Breads and coffee cakes: Oat bread cockaigne, Buttermilk potato bread, Challah
611, Breads and coffee cakes: Parker house rolls, 1/16/11
649, Pancakes, waffles, fritters, and doughnuts: Buckwheat crepes
691, Pies and pastries:Apple, peach, or plum cake cockaigne, 7/14/10
731, Cakes and cupcakes: Strawberry icebox cake, Mocha ice cream cake, Sicilian cassata, Moors' heads (mohrenkopfe)
776, Cookies and bars: Chocolate icebox cookies, 3/8/11
814, Desserts: Pineapple snow, Snow pudding
823, Desserts: Cottage pudding, Perisimmon buttermilk pudding, Pumpkin buttermilk pudding, Indian pudding, Sticky toffee pudding
838, Frozen desserts and sweet sauces: Lemon sherbet, lime sherbet, cranberry sherbet, Ice pops I, Ice pops II, Snow cream

Hold-overs from the last list:
127, Soups: Jellied soup, jellied tomato soup, jellied beet soup
520, Meat (variety of joys...): Baked stuffed heart, 1/16/11
791, Icings: Fluffy nut or coconut icing, luscious orange icing, chocolate fudge frosting
816, Desserts: Chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse with gelatin, white chocolate mousse with toasted almonds


  1. Wow, this list looks really yummy! I'd say the only downer is the list of chicken liver options.

  2. You have more stuff done on this list! I LOVE LISTS


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