Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boiled new potatoes (p. 295) and Hunter's sauce (sauce chasseur) (p. 555)

I had trouble with my camera for some reason so please excuse the quality of the pictures.

As most of you know, I've been getting really tired of the randomly selected list and really really really want to make a new one. I made brown sauce a long time ago (although I didn't blog about it--I fully expect to make it a few more times) and had it in the freezer for when the urge to make a sauce from the RSL hit me.

I bought a couple strip steaks at the grocery store and decided it was the perfect time to make the Hunter's sauce (sauce chasseur) (p. 555) which was actually pretty exciting since they just made one during a sauce-making challenge on Top Chef.

The sauce was pretty easy. I cooked some sliced mushrooms and shallots in butter and then added some dry white wine and brandy, simmering until it was reduced by half. When I got to the line about brandy, I got very worried--we aren't brandy drinkers (who is?) and I assumed I was going to have use something else. But I had forgotten--I've meant to make this sauce for months--I had bought brandy in preparation at some point.

I added a cup of the brown sauce (grossly gelatinous), a half cup of tomato puree, and salt and pepper.

Right before serving, I added parsley and swirled in a little butter.

The sauce was good but strange--it tasted like a hearty spaghetti sauce poured over my steak. I don't think it added much. That being said, I think it would be extremely good on pasta! TJOC says it's good on game and roasts, so I might try it again.

I thought that Boiled new potatoes (p. 295) would be a good compliment to the meat. Easy--small, washed new potatoes boiled in water until done.

Easy! The potatoes were really good but extremely simple--I don't really need a recipe to boil potatoes. Even so, I enjoyed them with the sauce and will make them again (as I've made them in the past, they aren't difficult).

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