Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Randomly Generated List #1

As I mentioned before, I'm stealing an idea from Teena of the Gourmet Project. She uses a random number generator to generate page numbers and she has to cook something off of them every so often. It's a good way to make sure that you aren't avoiding recipes--otherwise I could end up with a year of really nasty-looking foods that I didn't want to make.

I'm going to post my list (that way I can't cheat!). I plan on making at least one recipe every two weeks. I can make any recipe off of the page but the recipe has to start on the page in question. I have to make them all before I can move on to the next set (we will see how that works!).

I had Josh pick 12 numbers and the random number generator pick 12 numbers. Several of the pages picked didn't have recipes on them so I threw them out and generated more numbers.

Here is the list (page number, abbreviated chapter title, (eventually) what I made and the date):
ETA: I decided to list all the possiblilities per page so I could easily refer to this page. When I make something, it will be linked and the discarded choices will be deleted :)

77, Appetizers: Marinated mozzarella, 2/1/09
109, Brunch, Cheese quiche, 1/19/09
127, Soups: Jellied soup, jellied tomato soup, jellied beet soup
196, Eggs: Poached eggs, 3/26/09
225, Fruits: Kumquat compote, 3/15/09
333, Pasta: Japanese noodles in broth, 3/26/09
356, Grains: Jamaican rice and peas, 9/27/09
444, Poultry: Turkey in red mole, 5/25/09
500, Meat: Pulled pork, 3/27/09
513, Meat: Macleid's rockcastle chili, 4/9/09
520, Meat (variety of joys...): Sauteed kidneys with mustard, boiled fresh, smoked, or pickled beef tongue, baked stuffed heart
552, Sauces: White wine sauce for fish, 5/25/09
555, Sauces: Hunter's sauce (sauce chasseur), 10/3/09
641, Breads: Garlic bread or toasted buttered bread loaf, 2/8/09
666, Pies, Pat-in-the-pan butter dough, 1/19/09
667, Pies: Pat-in-the-pan shortbread dough, 1/30/09
729, Cakes: Individual molten chocolate cakes, 10/4/09
777, Cookies: Molasses crisps cockaigne, 7/5/09
791, Icings: Fluffy nut or coconut icing, luscious orange icing, chocolate fudge frosting
816, Desserts: Chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse with gelatin, white chocolate mousse with toasted almonds


  1. I will look up those pages and give you my recommendation! Fun, fun!

  2. I know :)

    I don't think that one is going to be early on the menu! I don't even know where to GET a suckling pig.

    One page is jellied soups and another is variety meats, which I can't say I'm excited about.

  3. Mmm... I've made (pg 109) the leek tart before. That one was yummy!

    Oh GOD... Page 520. Your choices are "Baked Stuffed Heart," "Spanish style tripe" (or fresh tripe, I guess,) "Braised Oxtails," and "Chitterlings." ... Admitted, I used to be a vegetarian for a number of years, but even after giving that up there are things that just still seem inedible.

    You left on my blog, btw, that I'd won your contest! Awesome! I've been cooking out of my housemate's Joy of Cooking, and she's getting married and moving out soon - so extra awesome (although I'll miss this particular mine/Denise's copy.)

    My address is:

    Gwyn Whieldon
    77 Lois Lane
    Ithaca, NY 14850

  4. LOL Rachel and Gwyn! I know, some of the pages are awful. And what about the page of nothing but jellied soups??

    And I'm ecstatic that someone won who really wants the book! Plus Lois Lane--that just made me giggle out loud. That's a great street name.

  5. I am confused as to why you left a bunch of desserts for last. You are getting through it, though! You could be done with it this month, even!

  6. I know! It was really an idiotic choice. I have the stuff to make the final sauce, rice dish, and soup, so then it will just be variety meats and 4 desserts that I shouldn't be making because Josh is on a diet.

  7. Only 7 to go! And you shoudl probably make the frosting and the chocolate cake together!

    For one meal, you could makea jellied soup, CHicken jambalaya, and chocolate cake with frosting.

    Next meal, variety meat with some sort of sauce & chocolate mousse for dessert!

    The masses call for a new list (new list, new list!)

  8. I actually have came up with the new list. I did it in a moment of weakness! I've decided to implement a carry-over rule that I will explain in the next list but I still have to make two more items before I can post it :( I have all the stuff for the rice and peas and I've made and frozen the base to the sauce, though.


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