Sunday, July 5, 2009

Molasses crisps cockaigne (p. 777)

My friend Rachel recently asked me what I was thinking when I put off making any of the desserts on the randomly generated list. The answer? I'm not completely sure. I don't particularly like making desserts in Colorado because they don't turn out half the time (due to the altitude), which is part of the reason. I'm not a big dessert eater is another reason. I figured she was right and it was time to make a dessert off the list.

I decided to make Molasses crisps cockaigne (p. 777).

I love gingersnaps and I was hoping these cookies would be similar.

The recipe is a two-day endeavor. I actually really hate cookies that require a refrigeration or freezer step because, typically, I am in the mood to bake cookies the first day and am out of the mood the second day.

The first step of the recipe required me to bring molasses to a boil in a saucepan. I actually picked up a set of sauce pots (3 pots and 2 lids) at a neighbors house during my undergrad--they looked really cheap but they've been excellent pots! They aren't non-stick but it's never been a problem.

Sugar, butter, milk, flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves were added to the hot molasses.

The recipe says to blend until well blended--that was a challenge. When the batter starts balling up, is that considered blended? I really had no idea but decided it was good enough.

I formed the batter into a log and then refrigerated it overnight.

The next day, I cut the log as thin as I could (TJOC says 1/16 inch) and pressed them unto lightly oiled cookie sheets.

In the middle of each cookie I pressed a pecan half. They were cooked for about ten minutes.

How were they? Very, very strange. They were really reminiscent of baby teething cookies like Zweibacks. The cookies were really hard (to be expected since the word "crisp" was in the name). I ate the first one and decided I didn't like it. I ate a second one and thought that it was getting slightly better. About four cookies later, I still didn't like them that well but I couldn't quit eating them. They do have a nice molassesy flavor but I don't like the idea that I could clean the ice off of my car with a cookie.

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