Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seabreeze (p. 58) and Martini I (p. 56)

I'm not exactly sure why I'm breaking this blog apart instead of having one super-blog but...on to the alcohol! Josh and I do not have a well-stocked liquor cabinet but we do have the common stuff. And I had a fresh grapefruit on hand, which seemed to say Seabreeze (p. 58).

Seabreezes always remind me of the demon Lorne on Angel (uh oh--exposing my dorkyness!) because they were his cocktail of choice. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I loved it's spin-off Angel (although I didn't like Angel ON BtVS, which seems strange). Anyone else a fan?

I've never had a Seabreeze before--I can't imagine ordering one at the bar.

Lorne--and my mom has a lamp almost exactly like that one (except her lamp is pink):

A seabreeze is vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice (I used fresh sqeezed):

Josh wasn't feeling the seabreeze for some mysterious reason, so I made him a Martini I (p. 56). I LOVE martinis--but I like them made with vodka. Josh likes gin ::shudders:: And he likes vermouth even more. So I thought TJOC's martini recipe would be perfect.

I shook gin and vermouth with ice and then strained it into an old-fashioned glass (we don't have martini glasses--yet. I'm really hoping we get some off the wedding registery). Easy!

Sorry the picture is blurry! Must have been the seabreezes!

Josh said it was stout and very good. Obviously it was stout--it has nothing in it but alcohol! I actually am a serious fan of the chocolatini, which lacks a TJOC recipe.

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