Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beef Enchiladas (p. 104)

This is one of those double posts so make sure you read the blog behind this one--they are both new!

I had the leftover pot roast from the night before so I looked through TJOC for leftover beef recipes. I decided on Beef Enchiladas (p. 104), which are pretty much chicken enchiladas, with leftover beef.

TJOC says to shred the beef but I decided to slice it (against the grain) because it didn't want to shred.

The corn tortillas were put into the oven to heat up. TJOC says to put a layer of foil on the baking sheet, brush the tortillas (on both sides) with vegetable oil, and layer them on the sheet. Then cover the whole thing with more foil.

As you can see here, I didn't read the part about foil on the bottom until after they were already layered, but it didn't seem to matter (that is my refrain lately!).

Some of you may remember from the chicken enchilada post that I wasn't impressed with the enchilada sauce at all. The recipe says that you can use store-bought sauce, so that's what I did. When I tasted the sauce it was a little strange-tasting, so I doctored it up. I added Spicy V8 (my favorite secret ingredient), garlic powder, a little sage, and some cumin and the sauce was delicious! If anyone else doctors the sauce (Rachel, I KNOW you do) I would love to know what you add.

Part of the sauce is smeared on the bottom of the pan (yes, smeared is the technical term).

Half the sauce is added to the meat.

The meat was put in the middle of the tortillas and they were rolled up and placed on the sheet, seam-side down. The rest of the sauce was poured on top.

Cheese is then added to the top and it was baked for ten minutes.

Easy! I think the whole recipe took about 20 minutes. This is one of my new go-to recipes for quick dinners. In fact, I talked to my mom about this recipe and she made pork enchiladas the next day--just as fast. They heated up extremely well and gave me three meals! The beef was nice and tender too--in fact, I think it was more tender than when I ate the pot roast originally (I think it's because I cut it thin and against the grain).

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  1. Jon and I eat enchiladas about every other week- it may be my favorite sauce, and I consider about anything with the sauce and in a corn tortilla an "enchilada".

    I actually don't add anything to my purchased enchilada sauce. I love the Aldi brand enchilada sauce, but they don't always have it.

    I've made enchilada sauce from scratch twice- it is a LOT of work for about the same thing you can get from a can/jar. Actually, the first time I made it, it was really bland and just tasted like chli powder- the secret ingredient the 2nd time was cocoa. Plus, it was likely not cost effective since I think I used 2 cans of tomatoes (even at Aldi's 55 cents a can), and an annoying amount of my chili powder. I like the spicier brands b/c they tend to have more overall flavor, not just heat. I think I've gotten the powdered mixes, but cannot remember well enough to give constructive feedback.

    If I were going to make additions, it'd be chili powder, baking cocoa powder, garlic, and cumin.


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