Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheese toast (p. 182)

I was hungry and I wondered if there were any quick recipes left in TJOC. I found Cheese toast (p. 182)

This is such a short post! So I will answer a short quiz (and would love you to answer it too!).


Breakfast item: Hash browns--but the little squares, not the shreds. I LOVE the TJOC recipe. Incorporating the cream just makes the even more delicious. Granted, I don't regularly eat breakfast so I usually make hash browns for lunch or dinner.

Soup: Tortilla soup (no chicken). I make it all the time. IMO, it's vital to make your own tortilla chips (it only takes a few minutes!) and your own chicken stock (so that you can control the salt content). I really love soup. I REALLY love soup.

Dessert: I like old-fashioned desserts. I make a great rice pudding and an amazing bread pudding. My blueberry buckle is amazing. And I love pineapple upside-down cake but I can only eat it if it's made with canned pineapple (I'm allergic to fresh--the canning process inactivates the enzyme I'm allergic to).

Spice: I must be bland, because I think my favorite spices are vanilla and pepper (although rarely together). I don't like cinnamon, making me a real anomaly (or so it seems).

Ice cream flavor: Butter pecan or pralines and cream, hands down. Josh makes Earl Grey ice cream all the time and it tastes too much like flowers to me.

Beer: Lindeman's lambic in cassis. LOVE IT.

Ask me more favorites! Tell me yours!

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  1. You cheese toast looks delicious! That is one of my favorites. I have so many favorite foods that I couldn't even begin to list them. Probably the only foods I really don't like are oysters and raisins.

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  3. Hey, another cinnamon dislike here! Also like your beer choice. :)
    I'm not a big soup person but Kishore soooo is. I should really try making my own stock to make it.

  4. Breakfast item: This is really difficult because I love breakfast- the meats, the potatoes, the pastries, the baked goods, cold cereal, hot cereal, toast....I think the most unique thing that I REALLY enjoy is part of the Irish Breakfast: the fried tomato, which is generally either halved or quartered & fried in bacon or sausage grease. Oddly, the breakfast we had from the cafeteria in Prague: 3 kinds of bread (good start), a package of sliced deli meat, a package of spreadable cheese (Laughing Cow, I think), tomato wedges, and cucumber slices. Bizarre. If you got there early enough, there were plain cornflakes.

    Soup: Hot and sour soup; I have never made it. The favorite one I make is probably chili.

    Dessert: Buttermilk Brownie or cake with ice cream. I am off chocolate this month, but absurdly made buttermilk brownies (my Grandmother's recipe) for a gathering- I can seriously eat an entire pan in, oh, three sittings, but we still have 1/3 of them left over a week later.

    Spice: Lawry's seasoned salt- does that count? If not, probably black pepper. These two things are probably the most versatile in my collection; I am a big fan of cumin, smoked paprika, and chili powder.

    Ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. Second is probably the amazing canvas that DQ vanilla soft serve presents. I like it plain, too.

    Beer: Blue Moon


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