Friday, August 27, 2010

Butterscotch nut cookies (p. 771)

I've been on a real kick of making recipes from the Randomly Selected List (mostly because I like creating the lists and need to finish this one before making a new one). I decided to make Butterscotch nut cookies (p. 771).

I've never liked butterscotch. I especially don't like those hard butterscotch disks. My father has always tried to convince me that caramel and butterscotch were the same thing so if I liked one, I should like the other (and I like caramel, so I should like butterscotch). That is not accurate in any way but is what I always think of when I see butterscotch. When I told that story on Facebook while making these cookies, my father replied that my brothers never bought that explanation either.

The cookies are essentially butterscotch blondies with a tiny bit more flour, chocolate chips, and nuts. Before starting this recipe I couldn't figure out what would make them butterscotch--wouldn't they really just be vanilla brownies made in to cookies?

No, it turns out.

I melted butter in a small saucepan and cooked it until it was a light golden brown (that must be the butterscotch part!):

In a bowl I mixed together flour, baking powder and soda, and salt (I didn't take a picture of that step, it was a bunch of white powder, you can use your imagination).

I added brown sugar and white sugar to the butter:

I let it cool until barely warm and added in an egg, and extra egg yolk, a little corn syrup, and some vanilla:

I mixed in chocolate chips and flour mixture. I decided to do the whole thing in the saucepan so I could make less dishes.

I didn't add the nuts. This actually hurt me--I love nuts in sweets but Josh doesn't and I knew I would have to eat all the cookies myself if I added them. It was a mistake because Josh didn't like the cookies and I ended up eating them all myself any way.

I mounded the cookies:

And cooked them:

These cookies started out with the deck stacked against them--I don't like crispy cookies, I like cakey cookies, and these were flat and very crispy. I have to say, they were actually good. They were very butterscotch-y in a pleasing, butter-y sort of way. I actually recommend adding the chocolate chips, coconut, and nuts (all the optional ingredients) because I think they would really round out the flavor.

I'm not a huge cookie person but I would make these again.

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