Monday, August 2, 2010

Randomly generated list #3

The best part about running your own blog is that you can change the rules as you go along. I desperately wanted to start a new randomly selected list but haven't finished the last one, on which I haven't made very impressive progress. But, as Josh pointed out, it's my blog, so I can change things. I started a new randomly selected list. I promise to finish this one. U used to generate the numbers, throwing out pages that didn't contain recipes.

New rules:
I will finish the list within four months, so by December 1st.
I can carry between 5-10 unmade recipes to the next list.
There will be thirty recipes on each list.

Any thoughts on this list?

I will update it with a link, the recipe chosen, and the date it was made.

33: Beverages--Iced coffee, 1/16/11
147: Stocks and soups--Becker blender gazpacho, white gazpacho, cold cucumber soup, winter fruit soup
149: Stocks and soups--Blender borscht, 8/6/10
159: Salads--Caesar salad, 9/12/10
164: Salads--Curried chicken or turkey salad, 8/24/10
194: Eggs--Coddled eggs, 12/5/10
206: Eggs--Spinach, broccoli, or cauliflower timbale, 8/24/10
219: Fruit--Berries cockaigne, 8/29/10
290: Vegetables--Puree of peas, 8/26/10
342: Pasta--Wontons, 8/3/10
401: Fish--Braised whole fish with red wine sauce, poached quenelles, gefilte fish
410: Fish--Fish and chips, marinated deep fried fish, Thai fish cakes
426: Poultry--Broiled teriyaki chicken, 8/30/10
435: Poultry--Chicken tagine with chickpeas
448: Poultry--Roast duck a l'orange, 1/15/11
472: Meat--Roasted fillet or tenderloin of beef, grilled fillet or tenderloin of beef (expensive!)
511: Meat--Ground meat patties, 8/26/10
548: Savory sauces--Sweet and sour orange pan sauce, 1/15/11
566: Savory sauces--Chimichurri, 9/28/10
582: Savory sauces--Potato-garlic mayonnaise, Rouille (red pepper garlic mayonnaise)
586: Savory sauces--Teriyaki marinade, 8/30/10
599: Bread--Whole wheat bread, 10/5/10
615: Bread--Brioche au chocolat, Brioche a tete, Sectioned brioche loaf (going to make this with mom too!)
737: Cakes and cupcakes--Yellow cupcakes, 3/10/11
748: Cakes and cupcakes--High altitude angel food cake, High altitude coconut angel food cake, High altitude white cake
771: Cookies and bars--Butterscotch nut cookies, 8/27/10
778: Cookies and bars--Rugalach, Individual nut tarts, jelly tots
849: Frozen desserts--Caramel sauce, 12/4/10
853: Frozen desserts--Fresh strawberry sauce, Fresh mango sauce, Fresh blueberry sauce
866: Candies--Caramel corn, 3/8/11

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