Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wontons (p. 342) and Wonton soup (p. 126)

Sometimes I have reasons why I make a particular recipe on a particular day and sometimes I don't. I was in the mood to make filled noodles and decided to make Wontons (p. 342). This was odd for a couple reasons. I don't like wontons, never order wonton soup at restaurants, am actively annoyed if wonton soup is my only choice, and like other filled pastas like pierogis and ravioli. I think the lone mark in the wonton's favor was that I can easily buy wonton wrappers at the grocery store.

I took pork and mixed in cornstarch, soy sauce, sherry, sesame oil, chili oil, sugar, salt, and black pepper.

I went digging for the water chestnuts I was completly positive we had. I even remembered the day I got them on discount at the grocery store. After searching, I realized we had bamboo shoots, not water chestnuts. And I was unwilling to run to the store for eight water chesnuts (not cans, eight individual water chestnuts). So my wontons had bamboo shoots. I added my bamboo shoots, along with scallions, and ginger.

I laid out my (bought) wonton wrappers, brushed each wrapper with egg wash, and placed a bit of filling in the middle:

I folded the wonton wrapper and pinched the edges:

And folded the sides in:


Wontons for Wonton soup (p. 126)!

Once you have the wontons, the wonton soup is simple. I heated up some chicken stock, dumped the wontons in, added a bit of soup, and was finished.

I was pleased with this recipe. My wontons looked professional and I was proud of them. I wasn't sure if they were pinched tight enough but the shrunk during cooking so it wasn't a problem. I was also afraid the pork wouldn't cook in such a short time but it did.

The wontons tasted exactly like every meat wonton I've ever eaten--they were savory with a slight heat (I assume from the chili oil). I think they would have been even better if they were half pork and half shrimp. The recipe was super easy, and, terrifically, on my RGL.

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