Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curried chicken or turkey salad (p. 164)

I have a number of reasons for putting a recipe off instead of making it.  Sometimes a recipe is expensive, sometimes they are complex or challenging, sometimes they have an ingredient nobody in the house likes.  But sometimes I already make a great version of a dish, so there is no real incentive to make the TJOC version.  Curried chicken or turkey salad (p. 164) is one of these.  I make a GREAT curry chicken salad that is essentially my recreation of the curry chicken salad at Paradise.  

This version, too, tastes exactly like the version at Paradise, which makes me question where they got their recipe.

It was one of only two recipes left on one of my randomly selected pages though and I knew it would be easy.  It was easy.

I mixed cooked chicken (I used poached chicken the stock I made), pecans, golden raisins, a few scallions, a chopped apple, and some celery:

I whipped up some curry mayonnaise and poured it over the top:

How was it?  Good but my version is just as good (I use sunflower seeds rather than nuts, for example).  The curry lends a nice spiciness to the empty canvas of the chicken, the apple and celery give a juicy crunch, and the raisins add a nice sweetness.  This chicken salad is something different than the normal chicken salad, so if you are getting stuck in a sandwich or salad rut I recommend it.  Make sure you use a good curry or it would be awful--I always make my own but I'm sure you can buy good mixes too.  

I'm making great progress on this randomized list!  I'm a third finished already!
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  1. I'm very curious about how you make your own curry? I love fruit and nuts in my chicken salad. I always have to make two versions for my family. The plan jane variety for some and the jazzed up version for me. I really hope you will share the curry recipe.


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