Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blender borscht (p. 149)

I have been invigorated by the new randomly generated list!

::hangs head::

That's actually a lie. I was depressed and developed my new RGL. I noticed that two pages that I had cooked something from but not yet blogged about were included. I decided to backdate the RGL to the beginning of the month (which makes more sense anyway).

I was hungry, I had all the ingredients for Blender borscht (p. 149), and I have a very fancy blender (a Vita-Mix!). The perfect combination.

There is just something about the quick soups in TJOC that turn me off. They remind me of Sandra Lee and "Semi-Homemade Cooking". Granted, she did develop the wonder of the Kwanzaa Cake (Google it) but I like to stay away from anything that could potentially merit a "tablescape". I don't want to mix three cans of soup. I want to make stuff! One can of soup, fine. Two, maybe. Three, no way.

And that is literally what this recipe is. I combined a can of beets, a can of consomme, and a can of cream of chicken soup, with some garlic.

It went from this:

To this:

I tried to gussy it up with some sour cream:

What did it taste like? A can of consomme mixed with a can of cream of chicken soup, some beets, and a lot of garlic. Nobody with taste buds would have thought this was homemade. I did not think it was acceptable. In fact, I would go so far as to call it "gross". I'm really hoping the other three borscht recipes are a lot tastier than this one.
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  1. I'm kind of alarmed by it's color!

  2. And the color isn't off in that picture--it really was that color.

  3. Yeah, the other borscht recipe (the one that's actually cooked) is really, really good and very fast if you have a food processor to speed up the chopping. I just had it for lunch not 5 minutes ago!


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