Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chimichurri (p. 566)

I was eyeing the Random list to see if there was anything on it that I could make quickly to go with dinner (a pork roast). I thought Chimichurri (p. 566) could be tasty.

The recipe was a quick one--I whisked olive oil and red wine vinegar together in a bowl and then stirred in chopped onion, chopped parsley (fresh from mom's garden), garlic, oregano, ground red pepper, and a little black pepper:

I let it stand for a couple hours so the flavors could meld.

Delicious! A really great complement for pork. The pepper and garlic gave the sauce a nice kick while the vinegar lent the sauce a tangy quality. I've never had actual chimichurri so I have no idea about the authenticity of the recipe but I would definitely recommend it. The recipe makes over a cup but got better over the next few days as it sat.

Not a very exciting post! I will supplement it with a couple of pictures from my visit to mom's house.

Caterpillars! I love caterpillars even more than I love butterflies. They were enjoying mom's parsley plant.

I gave myself a project at mom's house--removing the paint from the bathroom cabinet. It had so much paint on it that the corners were rounded. It really bothered me.

There were SO MANY LAYERS OF PAINT! The cabinet had been white, black, green, peach, and red--amazing! I really enjoyed the zen-like process of paint removal.

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