Monday, September 13, 2010

Random post of September nonsense

This is a totally random blog post, I'm warning you now.

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I'm thinking of having another contest soon but I'm wondering if everyone already has a copy of TJOC.  Would something else cooking-related be better?  Do you already have a copy?  Would you enter a contest?

Random pictures:

I dumped five eggs in a bowl and they were happy to see me!

Our fridge is so annoying, it seems to freeze foods if they are pushed too far back.  Somehow, all our eggs froze and refused to thaw out, even when left on the counter.  Frozen eggs were fun to play with, though, and rather pretty:

My mom and my dog--I think I've posted this picture before but I still love it.  Nobody loves food like my dog.

Any Halloween costumes being planned?  I had about five different costumes last year but my favorite two were Princess Leia (in the slave costume) and Jem (from Jem and the Holograms).  I think I will wear them again assuming I don't have to work.  Of course, I need to start that diet now for those two costumes :)

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  1. Weird, I've never seen a frozen egg!

    I think I'm going to be a Voodoo Doll this year. (I'm hoping to convince K to be a Witch Doctor) I have so many costumes I could consider starting a rental service. This, I am sure, is of no surprise to you. ;)


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