Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sauteed cabbage (p. 263)

I like cabbage and it certainly is a cheap vegetable. I had a head of cabbage that had been sitting in my refrigerator for a while and thought Sauteed cabbage (p. 263) sounded pretty tasty.

First step--always a promising step--was to crisp bacon:

Yum! I love bacon.

It's amazing how much shredded cabbage is produced from one two-pound cabbage. I mixed my shredded cabbage with chopped onion, salt, and paprika and cooked it in the bacon grease until the cabbage was "crisp-tender".

I don't what "crisp-tender" means so I just cooked it for a while and called it good enough.

This is what "crisp-tender" means to me:

I added the cabbage to a greased baking dish, spread sour cream on the top, sprinkled bacon on the sour cream, and popped it in the oven. When it was finished cooking, it looked like this:

Josh came home, took one look at the cabbage, and announced he wasn't going to eat it. I don't know why! It was strange but good. The sour cream added creaminess, the bacon added a great smoked flavor, and the cabbage itself was light and crispy. This was a great side dish and would be great with pork (especially if you added caraway seeds).

The best part of this dish? It was fast and required almost no active time, which is perfect when I really want to finish dinner quickly so I can watch tv. I love television! Anyone watching anything good this season?

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